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One thing developers have recently started on a mainstream stage, is to detect whether the iOS device is jailbroken and accordingly quit the application or provide limited functionality. 

Well, if device can be jailbroken, the bypass detection can also be enabled by installing third party systems like xCon, Officer, tsProtector

I have only tried Officer so far. It works flawlessly for the intentions it has. But affects other software like whatsapp and facebook on a very large scale as below:
1. Whatsapp shows “cannot save media”. Ask the sender to resend
Facebook crashes randomly on iphone5
2. Whatsapp stops showing pictures of contacts.
3. Facebook loads content without images on ipad2

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For those who fancy an almost daily dose of  flavored nicotine during the lunch hours it sometimes gets quiet challenging to find a shisha (hookah, nargili, water-pipe) during the holy month of Ramadan here in Dubai.

No doubt Government regulations have become more stricter on where and when shisha is served due to recent unfortunate incidents. Until last year Merkaaz, Dubai Internet City was a favorite place, but has been stopped from serving shisha this year along with many other Cafes doing the same.

New restaurants in unexplored areas like JLT have come up as they operate under a different umbrella of rules, probably a little lenient. One restaurant that definitely is open during lunch hours is Lebanos (http://lebanos.net). They do have daily lunch meals including a shisha and a soda.

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A very useful tool has been released by Nirsoft. IT enables users to migrate their Outlook Auto Complete entries to newer versions of Outlook in case the newer versions of Outlook do no directly upgrade the formats.

The software has loads of options to export, import, merge every version of Auto Complete lists across each type.

Highly recommended. Free of Cost.

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The title says it all.

Download Wikipedia on your hard drive with Kiwix.

Quote from Kiwix Homepage

Kiwix enables you to have the whole Wikipedia at hand wherever you go! On a boat, in the middle of nowhere or in Jail, Kiwix gives you access to the whole human knowledge. You don’t need Internet, everything is stored on your computer, USB flash drive or DVD!”

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I do a lot of cleanup on my computer very regularly. This involves data cleanup, folder organizing, file backups and the most nonsense of it all dust cleaning. I will talk about how to reduce the dust in your computer in another blog. Now, I want to focus on the post topic rather.

Just an hour back, while I was checking out Web of Trust, I looked at the small computer case next to my computer desk, which i have literally been using as a desk for all old damaged hard drives during the last couple of years. These hard drives made me think, why do i even have so many of them lying around. First impression, they were bought at very good deals past 2-3 years.

There was a time, when i used to compare WD Caviar drives to Seagate’s Barracuda for buffer memory and price/gigabyte. The buffer memory definitely has changed with a  standard of 32MB nowadays. Price wise too. You can now pull out a decent 1-TB hard drive as low as 33fils/GB (~0.08 USD/GB). With these prices dropping gradually, it’s always a good bet to upgrade your storage space. I have done it. I am sure many have done it too.

But how much is this upgrade really worth ? There could be a time when a single 1-TB drive could just fail and you could lose very important data. Learning from the past and experiences of others, hard drives are very prone to just failing instantly, whereas some die gradually. This can lead to data loss of immense value, importance and affection. Could be photos, love letter scans, household finance, baby’s growing pictures, videos, etc.

This trend is not just seen on hard drives alone, but on other storage media devices too like USB Flash Drives, SSD Drives, SD Cards, Portable Hard Drives. It is tempting to just go out and buy the 1TB drive or the 64GB USB Flash. They are affordable. But if you are not doing anything to manage the data, then the implication from data loss is inevitable.


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Recently being delivered a full Philips Hue system (controller + bulbs), got me all excited and I started figuring out where to have have the bulbs installed to get the most optimum effect through my house. I finally laid out the bulbs in a straight line starting from my corridor, passage and finally into my living room. This was the best as I live in a more narrower/rectangular shaped home compared to many other square versions.

First Impressions : Rich look and Feel (product and packaging), impressive lit-up RGB colors, well designed product (hardware), website was never able to find the bridge

Second Impressions : Software only for mobiles, Software could be more intuitive, scenes seems pointless

For those wanting to design some custom PHP programs, have a look here for Hue Hacking.

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A much talked issue highlighted again. The famous 0x0000007 BSOD Error.

On searching the internet for this error there are more than 10,000 results which Google returns. Many fixes do not work. Many claim to work. But the one I tested and highlighted in this post definitely works.

Giving a short brief, this stop error normally happens when the windows bootloader cannot read the files from the hard drive due to loading of mismatched IDE/SATA/RAID hard disk drivers. Yes, hard disk drivers. Most of the Windows installations come with standard drivers for loading disk. In today’s time, on standard systems (with SATA/RAID) we still do install Windows XP making it non-standard. To make it normal we need to change BIOS settings to IDE for the IDE Controller instead of SATA/RAID for XP to install/load smoothly. This degrades the performance as IDE interface is slower compared to SATA/RAID. To avoid the BIOS Settings hassle we can use the “F6 method”, the unattended (txtsetup.sif) installations, or use Boot-CD integrators like nLite, rt7Lite, etc which integrate the Hard Disk Controller’s drivers into a new BootCD. But this is practical if you are installing to a new system.

Another reason this could happen is on existing installations when hard drives are swapped between different computers, with installation of new motherboards, by swapping the IDE/SATA ports or when you change IDE to SATA within BIOS. When any of the above action is done, the existing windows installation is not smart enough to load the corresponding new driver primarily because it wasn’t initially configured with. During boot there is also no prompt of any kind that a new driver needs to be added, etc. Hence the 0x0000007 BSOD Error.

To have this all sorted, download Hiren’s BootCD. It is a live rescue CD which on booting presents you with a Hiren’s BootCD Program Launcher. Click Programs, then Registry, then Fix hard disk controller (fix_hdc.cmd). A Dos windows opens up asking for three options. First set the Target Root by pressing T. Make sure when prompted enter the path of the non-loading X:\Windows directory replacing X with the drive letter. Then Type M to let the magic happen. Now remove the rescue CD and reboot. The system should now boot smoothly. At this stage install the SATA Drivers from Intel or your particular controller’s/motherboard’s manufacture’s websiute like MSI, Highpoint, SiliconImage, Gigabyte, etc. Make sure on reboot, the SATA mode is now set in BIOS. you can do this safely as the drivers are taken care of now.

Hiren’s BootCD can be found here

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With the release of Blackberry Messenger 7, a lot of hype was created from the sneak peak videos released  before and by those who were able to download the beta versions of BBM7 from Blackberry Beta Zone. What was the hype all about ?

One and only aspect, I would put into place is the addition of Blackberry Voice.

So what the hell is this ? Why so much hype ? How to get it ? How to use it ? Why the network error ?

Simply put, It is a real-time, one-to-one audio chat feature within BBM7. Sp instead of now bugging your contacts, you can now bug them with free voice calls. Of course, the opposite contact also needs to be on Blackberry Messenger 7 and configured correctly.

The hype is purely because it is a very region-oriented feature making it sometime tricky to have it working properly due to proxy limitations, fire-walling policies, carrier restrictions, government regulations, etc. Secondly, it is only for the few who are on OS6 and OS7/7.1. So those on primitive systems, are being left out, make this feature the talk of town. Thirdly, It only works on Wi-fi. What ? Seriously ?So does Face Time.

You can get it by the Blackberry Appworld. Yes, now you need to finally create an Appworld account (Blackberry ID) if you are lazing around. Even if you get hands on this through some other source, the program on startup requires that you sign-in with a Blackberry ID. You may also get it through many other OTA (Over the Air) sources which are spread across. One of my favorites has always been http://www.appkita.com. Start your Blackberry Browser and visit the site. Click on Blackberry Messenger and navigate the appropriate links for your OS version and the BBM version you would like.

Once installed, If your contacts have the BBM7, you will see a small grey call button within the contact’s chat. On licking the grey call button, you may initiate the call. You will get an error if the other person is offline or your network settings are incorrect.

In many regions, this feature may still be in testing stages, hence carriers maybe be blocking it. If for the first time after installation you see the “your voice chat connection cannot be established” error, don’t bother to restart, re-install, pull battery, re-insert micro sd, clear logs, etc. The only way to fix is to change the DNS Server for your wifi profile to This IP address is Google’s DNS server which can be used as alternate to using your country’s DNS server or router’s. Only ofcourse, it should not be blocked by your internet provider.

step_01 step_02 step_03 step_04 step_05 step_06

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I just realized today, that the Newsstand application bundled with the new iPhone iOS acts as a very stuborn application within the springboard. On trying to organize my home screen i got boggled on trying to put this in one of the folders where i put all the useless applications.

and funnily enough, you will have a hard time doing this, because Apple just dint want this application to go within a subfolder in the springboard.

fortunately after some playing around, I was able to put the stubborn icon where it belonged.

The trick is you gotta combine two fresh icons to make a new folder, and while the folder is in process for creation, drag the newsstand icon there. Voilaa. The speed at which you do is the main trick.

You may watch the video below or try yourself.


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