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Sometimes is is necessary to restore specific databases from your blackberry ipd backup files. Reasons could be invalid module installation, incomaptible applciation version or an OS re-installation.

The Device Switch Wizard works flawlessly but at times when installing an unsuported, undocumented and unoffical application, certain databses could just vanish or disappear. For example installing the new unreleased Blackberry Messenger 5.0.

You may be smart enough to perform backups of your device on a daily or weekly basis but to your horror, you may realise, Blackberry Desktop Manager doesn’t let you restore from old ipd backup files disabling the transfer. The warning reported would say :

“Databases that are unavailable in the list have been configured for wireless synchronization or wireless backup and are read-only. You cannot restore or clear them.”

Blackberry Desktop Manager Read-Only Database Error.

To perform a restore of specific greyed-out items perform the following steps.

  1. Open the ipd Bakcup file in Desktop Manager.
  2. In your device go to Options > Advanaced options > Service Book. Delete Desktop[SYNC]
  3. Refresh the database list in Desktop Manager.
  4. Select the specific database. In my case it was Blackberry Messenger
  5. Hit the Transfer button and confirm replacing it on the device.
  6. In your device go to Options > Advanaced options > Service Book, click the Menu to Undelete.
  7. Reboot the device.

All your contacts will be restored. Similar restore task can be done for Messages, SMS, Contacts, etc.

A more detailed version is available at

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  • I don’t have destop sync in my service book . . neither anything containing SYNC

  • What type of device and version of OS do you have ?
    You could also try to get a new set of service books from your service provider by going to Options>Advanced options>Host Routing Table>Click on track wheel and select ‘Register Now’.

  • I Don’t have it either. I have an old loaner phone and want to back up my old address book.

  • you are life saver genius

  • I have anything with SYNC or desktop. i try to get new service book and still not appear Desktop or sync…

    Please help

    Thankks a lottt

  • Hi for some reason the Memos in my BB 9810 have vanished! They exist in the backup file but have been greyed out. I tried the trick of deleting the Desktop (Sync) file, but no joy.
    Any other options to get my memos back? They contain some real important data!

    • If this trick did not work, try searching on google for an IPD Reader. All blackberry backups are saved as IPD Files. An IPD Reader will let you extract information from a blackberry backup file and enable you to copy/export data into excel file or csv format. Some readers are free and some require you to pay to unlock full functionality. In meantime you may try MagicBerry IPD Reader which can be downloaded from

  • Thank you Paras. After trying multiple times, the “trick” worked.

  • Man your da best! it saved me lots of time!!!!!!!

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