Roni Slogs December 29, 2011

Put Newsstand iPhone app in folders

I just realized today, that the Newsstand application bundled with the new iPhone iOS acts as a very stuborn application within the springboard. On trying to organize my home screen i got boggled on trying to put this in one of the folders where i put all the useless applications.

and funnily enough, you will have a hard time doing this, because Apple just dint want this application to go within a subfolder in the springboard.

fortunately after some playing around, I was able to put the stubborn icon where it belonged.

The trick is you gotta combine two fresh icons to make a new folder, and while the folder is in process for creation, drag the newsstand icon there. Voilaa. The speed at which you do is the main trick.

You may watch the video below or try yourself.


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