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Recently being delivered a full Philips Hue system (controller + bulbs), got me all excited and I started figuring out where to have have the bulbs installed to get the most optimum effect through my house. I finally laid out the bulbs in a straight line starting from my corridor, passage and finally into my […]

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A much talked issue highlighted again. The famous 0x0000007 BSOD Error. On searching the internet for this error there are more than 10,000 results which Google returns. Many fixes do not work. Many claim to work. But the one I tested and highlighted in this post definitely works. Giving a short brief, this stop error […]

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With the release of Blackberry Messenger 7, a lot of hype was created from the sneak peak videos released  before and by those who were able to download the beta versions of BBM7 from Blackberry Beta Zone. What was the hype all about ? One and only aspect, I would put into place is the […]

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