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With the release of Blackberry Messenger 7, a lot of hype was created from the sneak peak videos released  before and by those who were able to download the beta versions of BBM7 from Blackberry Beta Zone. What was the hype all about ?

One and only aspect, I would put into place is the addition of Blackberry Voice.

So what the hell is this ? Why so much hype ? How to get it ? How to use it ? Why the network error ?

Simply put, It is a real-time, one-to-one audio chat feature within BBM7. Sp instead of now bugging your contacts, you can now bug them with free voice calls. Of course, the opposite contact also needs to be on Blackberry Messenger 7 and configured correctly.

The hype is purely because it is a very region-oriented feature making it sometime tricky to have it working properly due to proxy limitations, fire-walling policies, carrier restrictions, government regulations, etc. Secondly, it is only for the few who are on OS6 and OS7/7.1. So those on primitive systems, are being left out, make this feature the talk of town. Thirdly, It only works on Wi-fi. What ? Seriously ?So does Face Time.

You can get it by the Blackberry Appworld. Yes, now you need to finally create an Appworld account (Blackberry ID) if you are lazing around. Even if you get hands on this through some other source, the program on startup requires that you sign-in with a Blackberry ID. You may also get it through many other OTA (Over the Air) sources which are spread across. One of my favorites has always been Start your Blackberry Browser and visit the site. Click on Blackberry Messenger and navigate the appropriate links for your OS version and the BBM version you would like.

Once installed, If your contacts have the BBM7, you will see a small grey call button within the contact’s chat. On licking the grey call button, you may initiate the call. You will get an error if the other person is offline or your network settings are incorrect.

In many regions, this feature may still be in testing stages, hence carriers maybe be blocking it. If for the first time after installation you see the “your voice chat connection cannot be established” error, don’t bother to restart, re-install, pull battery, re-insert micro sd, clear logs, etc. The only way to fix is to change the DNS Server for your wifi profile to This IP address is Google’s DNS server which can be used as alternate to using your country’s DNS server or router’s. Only ofcourse, it should not be blocked by your internet provider.

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