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A much talked issue highlighted again. The famous 0x0000007 BSOD Error.

On searching the internet for this error there are more than 10,000 results which Google returns. Many fixes do not work. Many claim to work. But the one I tested and highlighted in this post definitely works.

Giving a short brief, this stop error normally happens when the windows bootloader cannot read the files from the hard drive due to loading of mismatched IDE/SATA/RAID hard disk drivers. Yes, hard disk drivers. Most of the Windows installations come with standard drivers for loading disk. In today’s time, on standard systems (with SATA/RAID) we still do install Windows XP making it non-standard. To make it normal we need to change BIOS settings to IDE for the IDE Controller instead of SATA/RAID for XP to install/load smoothly. This degrades the performance as IDE interface is slower compared to SATA/RAID. To avoid the BIOS Settings hassle we can use the “F6 method”, the unattended (txtsetup.sif) installations, or use Boot-CD integrators like nLite, rt7Lite, etc which integrate the Hard Disk Controller’s drivers into a new BootCD. But this is practical if you are installing to a new system.

Another reason this could happen is on existing installations when hard drives are swapped between different computers, with installation of new motherboards, by swapping the IDE/SATA ports or when you change IDE to SATA within BIOS. When any of the above action is done, the existing windows installation is not smart enough to load the corresponding new driver primarily because it wasn’t initially configured with. During boot there is also no prompt of any kind that a new driver needs to be added, etc. Hence the 0x0000007 BSOD Error.

To have this all sorted, download Hiren’s BootCD. It is a live rescue CD which on booting presents you with a Hiren’s BootCD Program Launcher. Click Programs, then Registry, then Fix hard disk controller (fix_hdc.cmd). A Dos windows opens up asking for three options. First set the Target Root by pressing T. Make sure when prompted enter the path of the non-loading X:\Windows directory replacing X with the drive letter. Then Type M to let the magic happen. Now remove the rescue CD and reboot. The system should now boot smoothly. At this stage install the SATA Drivers from Intel or your particular controller’s/motherboard’s manufacture’s websiute like MSI, Highpoint, SiliconImage, Gigabyte, etc. Make sure on reboot, the SATA mode is now set in BIOS. you can do this safely as the drivers are taken care of now.

Hiren’s BootCD can be found here

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  • Thank you so much, I’ve been through hundreds of website, this is the only thing that worked! And the instructions were clear and simple, there were many websites that told people to get hirens, but no instruction of which program to use.

    This was so simple and straight forward. Thank you so much again.

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