Roni Slogs December 29, 2012

Home Lighting Automation – Philips Hue

Recently being delivered a full Philips Hue system (controller + bulbs), got me all excited and I started figuring out where to have have the bulbs installed to get the most optimum effect through my house. I finally laid out the bulbs in a straight line starting from my corridor, passage and finally into my living room. This was the best as I live in a more narrower/rectangular shaped home compared to many other square versions.

First Impressions : Rich look and Feel (product and packaging), impressive lit-up RGB colors, well designed product (hardware), website was never able to find the bridge

Second Impressions : Software only for mobiles, Software could be more intuitive, scenes seems pointless

For those wanting to design some custom PHP programs, have a look here for Hue Hacking.

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