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Hard Drive Price/GB..Better ! Safe ?

I do a lot of cleanup on my computer very regularly. This involves data cleanup, folder organizing, file backups and the most nonsense of it all dust cleaning. I will talk about how to reduce the dust in your computer in another blog. Now, I want to focus on the post topic rather.

Just an hour back, while I was checking out Web of Trust, I looked at the small computer case next to my computer desk, which i have literally been using as a desk for all old damaged hard drives during the last couple of years. These hard drives made me think, why do i even have so many of them lying around. First impression, they were bought at very good deals past 2-3 years.

There was a time, when i used to compare WD Caviar drives to Seagate’s Barracuda for buffer memory and price/gigabyte. The buffer memory definitely has changed with a  standard of 32MB nowadays. Price wise too. You can now pull out a decent 1-TB hard drive as low as 33fils/GB (~0.08 USD/GB). With these prices dropping gradually, it’s always a good bet to upgrade your storage space. I have done it. I am sure many have done it too.

But how much is this upgrade really worth ? There could be a time when a single 1-TB drive could just fail and you could lose very important data. Learning from the past and experiences of others, hard drives are very prone to just failing instantly, whereas some die gradually. This can lead to data loss of immense value, importance and affection. Could be photos, love letter scans, household finance, baby’s growing pictures, videos, etc.

This trend is not just seen on hard drives alone, but on other storage media devices too like USB Flash Drives, SSD Drives, SD Cards, Portable Hard Drives. It is tempting to just go out and buy the 1TB drive or the 64GB USB Flash. They are affordable. But if you are not doing anything to manage the data, then the implication from data loss is inevitable.


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