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Finally i got myself an iphone. Had been prying on my sister’s 3G for a long long time. Finally she could not resist and had to make my own-an-iphone dream come true. It has been fun so far. My second day as yet. Have to catch up with those who have been using it for […]

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Sunday Afternoon, a mystery plan was plotted to surprise my 27-year-old friend Mr. Kunal Sadani for his birthday on 3 Aug. Counted as one of my best buddies, all of us teamed up to give him a surprise. Plotting began with SMS’ing eveyrone about the location and time for meetup. It was scheduled for 2320 […]

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This was way back. My friend Rishi Serai pulled me into this. It was a tracking event where all the members of the online group Evolve would come in, show their cars and practice some driving skills. There were experts who were guiding us on track basics and cornering moves. Each car was on the […]

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