Sir Steve Jobs,

You changed the way I live my life.

Some call me Apple fan, some call me Apple freak. I know I am.

You revolutionized the way world lives now. You revolutionized how we think now.

I din’t get the chance to meet you or see you in person, but you will be remembered when I use my Keyboard, Mouse, Trackpad, iPhone, Nano, Shuffle, aTV, Air, iPad, Capsule.

Me and a lot of my friends read your bio over and over, and want to be like you.



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And then i remembered it again. My best birthday celebration ever. For the first time, I got drunk on other’s money. I was gifted shots on celebrating 29 years and my sister made sure the alcoholalways kept coming.

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On testing Enstella’s Exchange Recovery (EER) Software, I should warn you all that it does a miserable job of reading Excahnge 2003 edb files. Even after restoring from backup, EER failed to read the edb. It does not have any repair option. Which means the excruciating task of running ESEUTIL and ESEINTEG have to be run in the right sequence and order. Although Enstella claims 24×7 support, I just received this type of support when I initially requested the cd-key to be re-sent and while raising the first technical issue over their email. Absolutely no trouble shooting tips came in when I mentioned that Enstella reports “database too corrupted”. Although exchange recovery was possible directly, I wanted a tool which could export mailboxes directly as PSTs. But it doesn’t even match closely to any of the testimonials, or cases published on their website.

Even to have the refund amount back, I had to call the electronic distributor and raise an issue with them for the type of vendors they sell software of. Took me two weeks to get the transaction refunded.


1. Cannot read EDB files

2. Support is not at all 24×7

3. No Phone numbers

4. Only one support email highlighted

5. Live Chat never goes online

6. No response to refund requests.

So please avoid this.

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The name may sound tacky but I would definitely judge it as a next generation tool in desktop protection. I have been using it for over a year and quite happy with what it does. I use it as an additional tool running side by side with NOD32 by Eset.

Prevx is defined as a virus and malware protection tool which works well with desktop and server based systems. My own installation was in fact just a test as one of my friends introduced to me about it and my curiosity began. Downloaded the trial and started my test.

Amazingly, the installation was under 1-minute and the first scan was for about 30 minutes. Surprisingly the subsequent scans were much shorter lasting just 2-minutes. Why and how is this possible, was completely unknown to my limited knowledge of so-called next generation protection tools.

On digging further, and analysing files on my machine, I judged out that during the first scan, Prevx builds a database of files which could be harmful or prone to attacks. It then builds a hash, and on every subsequent scans, it checks to see if the hash was modified. Once modified, very smartly it scans the filename online from its database and compares. It reports very clearly the infected filename, along with the infection. One further extending its ability, it allows the user to check the status of the infection and other possible filenames from the community database.

All I can say, is one security program is not enough. If I uninstall my NOD32, Prevx alone is definitely not the key and so is the case vice versa.

I highly recommend the trial, and I will not be surprised if you buy it too.

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Interestingly enough, 11 years back, the whole Y2K Alert had created so much fuss around the globe that companies started rolling over their clocks to see how they could be affected and what other consequences could arise.

Infact Governments started thinking whether the gasoline pumps will remain functional or stop and hospitals were planning to check if there would be any medical equipment failure.

Nothing major happened as interdependency did not exist in those days on a scale like how we all like it now.

Whereas, in today’s generation, if our pets get out of our control and start going to our neighbourhoods, we would love to just pull out our mobile device and start the “Pet Tracker” program to track the various location of our pets. If I have a task assigned for feeding my pet, my whole house should alter in sync with all gadgets telling me it’s feeding time. The dependability has grown so much, that something somewhere goes wrong, the whole world could start crashing and coming down.

Just imagine the same, when USA DoD and Hospitals mentions, they start using iPads for military training and easier patient management. The Apple 2011 Alarm Bug could be the beginning wake up call to start preparation for even the more worst “Failure of such devices”. I would call this an Apple iOS bug as all devices with this were affected, which literally puts almost every mobile/tablet device by Apple updated to this system glitchy. For hell sake, I wasn’t able to reach office on time because of the same bug. With over 100 million units of Apple Mobiles, iTouch and iPads sold, the bug was a shocking surprise for those who faced it. And for those who din’t, must have ridiculed Apple and it’s developing team.

Such errors in development are not expected to exist, but it is only until when such errors turn out to be bugs in real life. With “i”Devices being used in many applications, personally and professionally, it is high time people start realising the mistake of depending on one system all time.

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It is sometimes a pain in the ass to hover your  mouse over the time in the task bar to know what the exact day and month is especially when you are back from a time-warp zone where such details are not paid attention to. And there are times when the tool tip just ignores your magic wand to tell you the date and the only solution is to double click it.

Well fortunately those details can now be seen right in front of your eyes, every time. The magical application is Tclock2. It comes with a whole variety of customizable options which Microsoft should have included while updating their operating systems like custom date formats, time syncing, alarm and some other tweaks.

Tclock2 currently is not under development anymore, but it works flawlessly even on Vista. To grab your copy you can download from author’s website at

To accomplish some basic changes in time formats, go to Control Panel -> Regional Options ->Additional Settings -> Date.

To get full month name displayed use MMMM or MMM for its shorter counterpart (January, Jan). You can even use dddd for day of the week or ddd for its shorter version (Tuesday, Tue).

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With so much technology available in today’s world, it is very easy to get succumbed to the madness of remote controllers  at home. With an average house having at-least three remotes, the rooms and tables around always get cluttered with these. To add to the frustration one of them needing battery replacements is another logistical issue when you need that remote to swap the channel or volume that very instant. With four remotes already in my living room, one each for AppleTV, LCD TV, Home Theatre and Satellite Box, it was necessary to have a single-remote solution.

Many cheap ones are locally available with support for 4 devices. This adds a limitation for having more devices linked and would ultimately cause the same situation again with more techie gadgets available in market.

I found an amazing way out. Definitely not the easy one on pockets, but so far the price has been paid for fairly. I have replaced 7 remotes in my home, with the three extra for my Sony Digital Frame and two Air Conditioning Units.

The Logitech Harmony One Universal Remote is a great tool so far. The programming software is fabulous and automatically lets you control the particular devices based on the activity selected. So far it has been able to control every device at my home. It’s learning ability can be used to program infrared controls for remotes which the Logitech Software cannot search for in its database. It comes with its own docking charger. The battery lasts for around 4-5 days. This can be extended with back lit brightness and display-light time-out options. However, one thing which may not suit really is the placement of the numeric buttons on the remote. With the remote being long, it is not very pleasant to press the numeric buttons unless you have a very good grip on the remote.

I opted for a refurbished model, sold at less then half the price on CompUSA for 120 USD compared to the original 250 USD.

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It has been very funny since August 3 ,when all the Blackberry Monitoring fiasco started. With news in the past about Saudi Arabia suspending service and then resuming back again, India has stepped int he footsteps too. Apparently today was marked as the deadline for telephone operators to shutdown the blackberry service. But RIM has played smartly. They have proposed some possible solutions for government agencies and extended a hand of cooperation. This has given Indian Operators another two months until the service is supposed to shut down again on October 28 “supposedly”.

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In a latest article by Financial Times, RIM has denied Indian Government’s plead to give them access to their encrypted messaging and email service. This is a complete blow to what Indian users were expecting especially after the very positive talks and negotiations which happened in the past 1 month or so. RIM justifies its decision by saying that they themselves do no have any access to the cryptographic keys used for encryption and that providing a solution to the Indian Government and inter-related security agencies to monitor the blackberry traffic is “technically impossible”.

This definitely raises a concern for blackberry users in Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates, where similar positive feedback was first shown by RIM. Some countries have mentioned that such negotiation talks were going on since 2007 and 2008. If the “technically impossible” is now a reason, definitely it would have been the same in the past. I believe both parties, RIM and Governments, have tried to play smart and waited for each other’s turn waiting who will give up first.

Looking at this, RIM definitely holds a much stronger position if it does not really care of losing a total of 3-4m users in these regions against its 40+ m users across the globe. As it is Blackberry faces a very strong competition in India where total mobile subscribers are 600m+ of which Blackberry users a mere 1m+. Penetrating more here means a tough battle which I believe RIM is ready to loose. In markets like Indonesia which is predicted to be one of the largest mobile markets after India and China, blackberry sales were 800% higher last year compared to iphone at just 200%.

The current blackberry users however have no say in this corporate/government battle. ISPs on the other hand are more succumbed to such events because any decision to stop the blackberry service could mean the consumer completely giving up on the service unless a very economic way of pushing alternative ways is suggested.  This will affect corporate users locally and those visiting these regions. At least for some, a reason like “My Blackberry does not work”, will be considered more rationally.

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It literally means what it sounds like. I have now a days been fascinated with a game on iPhone called Angry Birds. New for me and old on the top charts on App Store, this puzzle game puts you in front of some really angry birds with very funny superpowers.

The objective is to catapult the birds, aim them and destroy the pigs in front which have ravished the life of the farm birds. I must confess that the game really gets your hand aching especially when lying down and trying the catapult the birds.

The game is also available on the Ovi Store for Nokias. The App Store does have a free version called the Angry Birds Lite which has much lesser levels and fewer birds to play with.

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