With the recent Time Machine Backup, crossing my fingers, I installed the Leopard on my Air yesterday night. 2 hours later, woillaaaa, I got 10GB additional free space, an easter egg for a macbook air user.

The upgrade was smooth. Took me some time to figure out the best way. Finally, I performed a class install. Was scared of the ”Remote Install Mac OS X’ and ‘Remote Disc’ option.

Apart from the 9GB free, it gets to the startup screen a little faster (7 seconds), animations are much smoother and I am not envious any more of my friend’s new Macbooks as I can do the same 4-finger swipe now on my Air too.

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It was a night where couple of us had gone to the Address Hotel for the first time, two months back on 18th July. We wanted to catch up, have some drinks, share a few laughs. Had a ball of a time.

For me to get home, I was waiting for a taxi. When I said I want to go to Bur Dubai, he denied and said he was waiting for two ladies who got out to come back. After a couple of minutes of tussle, i got down and saw the asshole picking up some western middle aged man. I got furious and stood in frot of his taxi trying to argue he is unfair and unjust. He drove past me almost killing me and abused me.

I cannot forget the face of that maniac nor his tax number. It was a Metro Taxi : MT537. I called up RTA immediately and raised a complaint and got a call after two days that they have fined him. God knows if this is true.

This is the attitude of Taxi Drivers out here. Completely pissed me off. And the newspapers talk that “RTA has the best service”.

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Visiting Hyderabad was fun after ages. I got the chance to spend an entire week there. It was raining all the days and the weather was completely blessed. Travelling in auto, getting soaked in rain, shouting and yelling at cars and bikes splashing water was absolutely a thrilling experience.

To add to the flavor, a Hindu festival, Ganesha Chaturthi started on 23 August. My entire family was there, future and current to take part in the ritual ceremony our building management had organized for the 10-day long festival.

during my trip, i was able to see tempo autos and trucks erected with huge figures of Ganpati with atleast 10 people trying to balance the tall figures on the wavy/bouncy roads of Hyderabad city.

Enjoy some photos below.

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Real names are never random. So are nicknames. Nicknames, just like real names have some logic, concept, story or reason. I have been known for two really very weird nicknames. Actually make it three.

  1. suvapapa
  2. 07Ronin
  3. Bhayankar Shankar

The first one, dates back as old as 1997, when I got internet at home and probably one of the first few thousand customers of Etislat proudly to say “I have Internet”. During the selection of the username, three choices were given. I obviously did not understand at that time what a username meant. I left the decision to my dad. He came up with a brilliant idea, invented “suvapapa”. I thought SUVA was about his name “Sunder Vasumal” and PAPA just becuase he is my father and loves me so much. Alas, I realised every two letters are for the first names of every member in the family and he explained : su=Sunder, va=Varsha(mom), pa=Payal(sister), pa=Paras. Tadddaaaaaa.

The second one was out of obsession for my passion towards Robert de Niro, after I saw his movie Ronin. I saw it 5 times and changed my MSN nickname to 07Ronin. Even “07” had a logic. I loved Golden Eye, and thought of 007Ronin. But then i said to myself, i will let Pierce Brosnan keep his charm and just borrow his 07.

For the third one, I praise Kunal Sadani. My dearest friend. We were a Counter-strike clan together, calling ourselves the Shankar Brothers. He was Narayan, I was Bhayankar.

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While attaching Business Cards within Outlook 2003/2007, certain fields get stripped off during the attachment process. Only Home, Business and some other details are trasnferred. Fax, and Notes get stripped off. This is normal as Outlook has two options to send Contacts.

The default method sends only the necessary information (ofcourse you do not get to decide what is necessary though). The other option lets you send the full contact with all fields intact. So you are kind of stuck in the middle.

To send full details, right click the contact and select the option “Send full Contact” including notes.

The most recommened format is to send in Internet Format (vCard), as your recipents may be using different versions of Outlook or completely different e-mail client.

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My weekend ended after i saw Orphan. A neck breaking performance from Esabelle Fuhram. She plays a role of a young orphaned girl who gets adopted. Once she becomes part of the family, the movie starts to slowly pickup and build-up suspense.

She enters as a sweet little innocent girl, and she slowly starts showing her true colors. Much can be noticed within her paintings too.

The movie highlights a rare disorder called Hypopituitarism.

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It has been more than a year, since i was tied in a relationship with an Apple Macbook Air, completing 16 months today. It is the first kind of its generation with 1.6Ghz, 80GB, 2GB DDR2 specifications. It was the cheapest Air available at that time.

It is beautiful, gorgeous and so aesthetic in its appeal, I cannot consider anything less for it. There has be no detirioration in the aluminum matte finish in which the whole laptop has literally been bathed with.

  1. The keybaord markings have not faded away, except for the fact the spacebar has got a little more polished at the centre.
  2. The sensors, keybaord lighting are all working exceptionally well.
  3. Fan speed hasn’t shown any performance issues.
  4. The hinges are as rigid as they were initially.
  5. The USB slot cover does not open automatically and is sensitive enough to close with little pressure applied.
  6. The Apple Logo is as bright as ever.

If you want to take care of your Macbook Air precisouly, get yourself a Vaja Case. A product of such beauty needs a case suitably matching that caliber.

I envelope my Air in a Retro Slim Jacket from Vaja. They manufacture cases of the utmost quality from pure/premium leather.

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Sunday Afternoon, a mystery plan was plotted to surprise my 27-year-old friend Mr. Kunal Sadani for his birthday on 3 Aug. Counted as one of my best buddies, all of us teamed up to give him a surprise.

Plotting began with SMS’ing eveyrone about the location and time for meetup. It was scheduled for 2320 outside Open House Restaurant in Karama. I was at Kunal’s place the same evening and spent the evening at his place not wanting to lose an opportunity.

We all teamed up and the effects were mesmerizing. Poor baby was almost in tears. A handsome looking Chocolate Truffle Cake was arranged by Mr. Dhiraj Lulla. Kudos.

Enjoy the video with Kunal shedding his tears.

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Sometimes is is necessary to restore specific databases from your blackberry ipd backup files. Reasons could be invalid module installation, incomaptible applciation version or an OS re-installation.

The Device Switch Wizard works flawlessly but at times when installing an unsuported, undocumented and unoffical application, certain databses could just vanish or disappear. For example installing the new unreleased Blackberry Messenger 5.0.

You may be smart enough to perform backups of your device on a daily or weekly basis but to your horror, you may realise, Blackberry Desktop Manager doesn’t let you restore from old ipd backup files disabling the transfer. The warning reported would say :

“Databases that are unavailable in the list have been configured for wireless synchronization or wireless backup and are read-only. You cannot restore or clear them.”

Blackberry Desktop Manager Read-Only Database Error.

To perform a restore of specific greyed-out items perform the following steps.

  1. Open the ipd Bakcup file in Desktop Manager.
  2. In your device go to Options > Advanaced options > Service Book. Delete Desktop[SYNC]
  3. Refresh the database list in Desktop Manager.
  4. Select the specific database. In my case it was Blackberry Messenger
  5. Hit the Transfer button and confirm replacing it on the device.
  6. In your device go to Options > Advanaced options > Service Book, click the Menu to Undelete.
  7. Reboot the device.

All your contacts will be restored. Similar restore task can be done for Messages, SMS, Contacts, etc.

A more detailed version is available at CoreyGilmore.com

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Today morning I installed the new Blackberry Messenger v5.0 for one of my colleagues after chekcing out the preview  which has not yet been released officially. With the installation however comes some hassles.

There are several OTA links spread across to downlaod the new applcation at Technolgoy Talks. First the program was not to be seen anywhere on the screen, or in of the folders. It was however listed in the Applications list. I decided to to remove this using using the Blackberry Desktop Manager program and re-installed the BBM5.0 again from one of the OTA links. During re-installation i used the links directly from the author’s website at Omie Tech and made sure I downlaod from the link specific to the Blackberry OS.

It is a huge download around 1,5MB, and require quiet some time for OTA on Etisalat’s network speed.

During installation the old Contact List disappeared, but fortunately, I managed to recover the contacts using an old ipd backup file dated a month back.

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