If you have a first generation 2G iPhone from Apple, please make sure you control your emotions and do not upgrade it to the new firmware (3.0 / 3.0.1) Apple has released.

Unfortuantely, I did it. Now the wi-fi has a lot of issues. On researching, I realized I was not the only excited dumb-ass, but quite a few thousands of them had the same opportunity. Some have been lucky to have it working, and many many of them have complained of similar issues. Downgrading is either impossible or unsuccessful.

An iPhone is just a phone without the wi-fi. I have rendered mine useles. Thought I would upgrade it and save some GSM bills calling my fiance back in Hyderabad through VoIP.

My sister laughs at me for my actions and I envy her iPhone 3G which went through the 3.0.1 upgrade flawlessly.

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This was way back. My friend Rishi Serai pulled me into this. It was a tracking event where all the members of the online group Evolve would come in, show their cars and practice some driving skills.

There were experts who were guiding us on track basics and cornering moves. Each car was on the track individually by itself. It was held at the newly designed AutoX Trackway near Jabel Ali Beach Resort.

Enjoy some photos below.

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One of my friends Gaurav Talreja, just called and as usual started complaining of a problem with his Outlook 2003 which i had never heard of…Why Me Lord Ganesha ?

Well, to get rid of his problem little Google Search solved the issue. Though the solution was withing Microsoft’s pages, it had to be dug deeper. For example, this article titled Wrong version of mapi32.dll did not.

The solution though simple, surprised me how Gaurav managed to get this. He mentioned he go this after installing Office 2003. I hysterically laughed and mentioned it is 2009. Have some respect for “we the programmers”.

This error normally occurs if you uninstall Office 2007 and install Office 2003 . To fix this follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Windows Explorer
  2. Navigate to the path “C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\Msmapi\1033
  3. Right click the file MSMapi32.dll and rename it to MSMapi32.dll.old or MSMapi32Old.dll.
  4. Start Outlook 2003

To get a better understanding you can visit this article from Microsoft titled “Error message when you try to start Outlook 2003: “MAPI32.DLL is corrupt or the wrong version“.

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I just installed my first blogging system through my hosting provider BlueHost. Initially they had a screwed up system of installing addons. Amazingly, since this quarter they have partnered with SimpleScripts which makes installing and managing different modules to your account easier.

Fantastico was easier to install, but way too combersome to manage.

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